10 Reasons to Join PAR

1. PAR is a private, non-profit organization existing for the sole reason of providing accurate and objective research about state and local governmental issues.

2. PAR, established in 1950, is highly regarded by governmental decision makers, the media and citizens interested in good government.

3. Because of the respect PAR has earned over the years, it has the clout to get things done, as is evidenced by the large number of reforms it has triggered over the years.

4. It is important to the people of Louisiana to have an impartial, competent and dedicated research organization to explore the facts and develop appropriate alternatives for enlightened governmental changes.

5. PAR is unique in Louisiana in that it is supported by a broad spectrum of individuals and businesses; it is the only organization in the state doing independent research on state and local government. Its research is used extensively by citizens, public officials, the media as well as trade and professional associations.

6. PAR is citizen-supported and financed independently of government, thus it can forge to the front, challenging issues and acts of public officials, a risk that many individuals, businesses and trade associations cannot undertake.

7. PAR research has been the basis of many of the governmental reforms in Louisiana that have occurred in the last 50 years.

8. PAR gives Louisiana citizens an unequaled opportunity, short of holding public office, to have a positive influence on Louisiana's governmental decision making process.

9. PAR is one the best investments toward a brighter future for Louisiana.

10. PAR is privately supported by more than 3,000 individuals and businesses throughout the state. The minimum membership contribution requested is $100. The average gift is about $200.
Physical Address:
4664 Jamestown Avenue, Suite 300
Baton Rouge, LA 70808

Mailing Address:
P.O. Box 14776
Baton Rouge, LA 70898-4776
225.926.8414 - Phone
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