Your Louisiana Government: An Owner's Manual

PAR's textbook on state government is an indispensable resource for teachers and students in Louisiana Studies, Civics and Law Studies classes. This handy guide for Louisiana citizens and newcomers is illustrated with colorful cartoons, maps, charts and tables. It includes a glossary of terms and a list of Websites and other sources of information about Louisiana government.

This manual is on the list of state-approved social studies textbooks adopted by the Louisiana State Board of Elementary and Secondary Education. The book is edited by Harry J. Hancock) a Louisiana social studies teacher from Jefferson Parish) and illustrated by Ty Keller.

PAR: 50 Years of Changing Louisiana

From Earl Long to Edwin Edwards, powerful and colorful governors have dominated Louisiana politics, with little interference from the Legislature or an opposition party. To counter the excesses of strong-man rule, a group of citizens organized the Public Affairs Research Council of Louisiana in 1950 to set an agenda for reform and to provide independent, unbiased information on which lawmakers and voters could act.

In the Politics of Reform, author and journalist John Maginnis traces a half century of PAR's central role in the major issues of our times -- desegregation, public corruption, the new constitution, reapportionment, campaign finance and fiscal reform. Along the way, it worked with and clashed with governors, legislators and a political establishment often threatened by PAR's mission to change Louisiana.

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