Q: Who can join PAR?
Membership in PAR is open to the public. We currently have approximately 3,000 members from around the state. Our membership includes individuals, foundations, businesses, non-profit organizations, education institutions, teachers, students and elected officials.
Q: How much does it cost to join PAR?
The minimum annual membership contribution for individuals is $100. PAR has a suggested dues schedule for businesses based on size and type of business with the minumum contribution being $200. Call the PAR office (225-926-8414) to find out the suggested dues amount for your company.
Q: Who should I contact if I am interested in joining PAR?
You should contct Susan Mintz Kantrow, PAR's Director of Development. Her phone number is (225) 926-8414, Ext. 17. Her E-mail address is susan@la-par.org.
Q: Who funds PAR?
PAR is funded through a variety of sources. Approximately 65% of our funding comes from membership dues, 20% from special research grants from foundations, 8% from special event revenue and 7% from investment income.
Q: What percent of my contribution is tax deductible?
For income tax purposes, 100% of your contribution is tax deductible. PAR does not lobby and does not offer any goods or services in exchange for your donation. However, certain other payments to PAR are not considered 100% tax deductible (i.e., registration fees to PAR's Annual Conference and payment for publications).
Q: How do I order copies of PAR's publications?
As a member of PAR, you receive one free copy of each publication that PAR issues. Some reports are posted on PAR's website in their entirety. Online reports are available on this page: PAR Publications on the Web Others may be ordered by going to: Order Publications
Q: Does PAR lobby?
No, PAR does not lobby. In order to maintain a 501(c)3 tax-exempt status and PAR's credibility, objectivity and independence, PAR does not lobby.
Q: Does PAR ever endorse candidates for office?
A: Never.
Q: Who should I contact to suggest a research topic that PAR should pursue?
You should contact Robert Scott, PAR President, at (225) 926-8414, Ext. 221 or E-mail: robertscott@la-par.org. You may also discuss your ideas with Alison Neustrom, PAR's Research Director. His phone number is (225) 926-8414, Ext. 222, and her E-mail address is alison@la-par.org.
Q: Who decides which research projects PAR undertakes?
PAR's Research Committee develops a proposed work plan for the year, which is then forwarded to the Board of Directors for final review.
Q: Who is on PAR's Board of Directors?
The list of current board members is available on this website at PAR Board of Directors.
Q: Are PAR's meetings open to the public?
PAR's annual meeting and policy briefings are open to the public. PAR's Board of Directors meetings are limited to directors, staff and invited guests.
Q: Who should I contact if I am interested in working for PAR?
Send a letter and resume to Jim Brandt, President at P. O. Box 14776, Baton Rouge, LA 70898.
Q: What is PAR's Federal Tax Identification Number?
A: PAR's Federal Tax ID is 72-0436118.

State Government
Q: When will the new governor, other statewide elective officers and legislators take office?
A: January 12, 2004
Q: When does the Legislature go into regular session?
A: 2004 Organizational Session January 12, 2004
2004 Regular Session March 29, 2004
2005 Fiscal-only Session April 25, 2005
2006 Regular Session March 27, 2006
2007 Fiscal-only Session April 30, 2007
Q: How do I find out who my Legislators are?
A: Go to this website and enter your local address.
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