In the late 1940s many Louisianians found a common frustration over the lack of reliable information on state government and the absence of trustworthy criteria for measuring Louisiana performance. The concern was statewide in scope and was shared by persons of widely varying political views. It was readily apparent that, in order to obtain the desired data, it would be necessary to create a suitable research and educational agency.

Since the proponents of a statewide fact-finding organization were determined from the first to keep it non-factional and objective, they persuaded presidents of the state’s largest private institutions of higher education to issue invitations to the initial meeting in March 1950 to a compact group of about 120 persons from the professions, education, business, industry and government.

Out of this meeting came the Public Affairs Research Council of Louisiana, or PAR as it is commonly called. It was created in response to a need which will exist as long as there are people who want to know more about the workings of Louisiana government at all levels. An involved public armed with independent information can keep government honest and force it to be responsive. It is on this premise that PAR was formed.

PAR, established in Alexandria, Louisiana in 1950 and headquartered in Baton Rouge since its formation, has been the leading proponent of state reforms through its research, analysis and governmental over sight. PAR has played a major role in helping citizens, journalists and elected officials understand the problems facing Louisiana and by proposing workable solutions.

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