2014 PAR In the Media 

7.18.14 Post-DA future for Reed includes healthy pension

7.17.14 PAR places education 'crisis' at Gov. Bobby Jindal's feet

7.17.14 Common Core conversation fruitless between Bobby Jindal, John White

7.17.14 State officials failing us in education

7.17.14 Jindal intractable after meeting with White?

7.05.14 Our Views: A billion in the gap

7.02.14 John Kennedy: Louisiana taxpayers must demand fix for Medicaid

6.23.14 Our Views: Few goals, few gains

6.23.14 Our Views: Over time, real savings

6.14.14 Political Horizons: Teetering budgets

6.13.14 Actuary puts pension plan savings at $5 billion

6.11.14 Inside Report: Even losing, new group makes mark

6.09.14 MONDAY: State Rep. Karen St. Germain & Maj. Gen. John Basilica; and Comedian Kent Gonsoulin

6.09.14 Questions about east bank levee authority members' terms could threaten authority's environmental damages lawsuit

5.26.14 Governor deflects questions over travel

5.26.14 Our Views: Tulane’s bad rap

5.24.14 Hospital Reimbursement Rates vary across Louisiana

5.21.14 Reforms sought on Tulane Scholarship program

5.18.14 State leans heavily on federal dollars

5.15.14 Panel talks about hospital privatization in Baton Rouge

5.14.14 Legislature looking to increase monthly state retiree pensions

5.14.14 DA’s ex-fiancée reports bogus payments

5.12.14 Jindal pokes fun at alma mater during speech

5.10.14 Our Views: A cutback on credit

5.08.14 Poverty, unemployment still plague Louisiana

5.06.14 Bobby Jindal copes with rejection from feds: John Maginnis

5.06.14 Hospital funding rejection predicted, unheeded

5.05.14 Adviser says hospital decision may wreck budget

5.03.14 Tulane acts to implement legislative scholarship policy

5.03.14 Tammany DA continues habit of sending campaign cash to son

4.30.15 John Alario's campaign paper trail leaves $31,000 unexplained, review finds

4.26.14 Adley makes changes to levee board bill, expects opposition

4.24.14 Common Core, state budget discussed at Monroe Chamber luncheon

4.20.14 Stephanie Grace: Bill eliminates board’s independence

4.20.14 Our Views: A government closed to you

4.19.14 Inside Report: Retirees eye debate over COLA’s link to pensions

4.19.14 Rewritten flood authority bill gives Jindal more power

4.16.14 Senate committee backs bill targeting levee board

4.16.14 Lawsuit bills could affect local boards

4.15.14 Don't quit, Vance McAllister

4.11.14 Panel discussion at PAR meeting divided during ‘Kissing Congressman’ debate

4.09.14 Lawmakers will continue giving Tulane scholarships

4.08.14 Lawmakers to keep Tulane's scholarship program, but reforms likely

4.04.14 St. Bernard resident nominated for seat on flood protection authority

4.04.14 Quin Hillyer: Jindal jujitsu, budget bust — or both

4.03.14 Chalmette HR manager Tyrone Ben nominated for St. Bernard seat on east bank levee authority

3.27.14 Forced Charity: LSU Hospital System Makeover

3.24.14 Feds asked to look into super PAC backing Vitter

3.22.14 Edwin Edwards poll, Palestine and Poverty Point, and more: Capitol Digest

3.21.14 Insight: On Ethics, Things Have Changed, Dilligence Needed to Keep it That Way

3.20.14 Guest Column: Change some, but not all, of the Ethics Code

3.19.14 Maginnis: Sen. Landrieu may benefit from enemies

3.19.14 Proposed bill would limit Jindal’s reach in higher education

3.18.14 New app tracks Louisiana elected officials

3.16.14 Are government bodies less transparent?

3.16.14 Louisiana should rein in the way political contributions are spent: Editorial

3.14.14 Louisiana watchdog calls for banning some campaign expenses, stricter disclosure

3.13.14 PAR Releases Free Legislative Guide App

3.12.14 Louisiana committee approves changes to state higher ed boards, fails to consider companion bill

3.08.12 Use of coastal fund is at center of state budget debate

3.06.14 Levee authority committee ignores Bobby Jindal rejection of one nominee, agrees to send him another

2.28.14 Gov. Jindal, Louisiana Legislature shouldn't undermine levee reforms: Editorial

2.27.14 Our Views: A bundle of contrasts

2.24.14 Slick fiscal maneuvers can harm our state’s reputation

2.24.14 Mark Ballard’s “Political Horizons”: Jindal budget tactics raising eyebrows

2.24.14 Think tank criticizes Jindal’s use of coastal fund in budget

2.21.14 Insight: Jindal Budget Team Gets Creative to Make Ends Meet

2.20.14 Governor would have more say in appointing levee authority members, under proposed legislation

2.20.14 Budget gimmickry on the Bayou

2.19.14 Lee Zurik Investigation: Senate pres. spends $253K on Saints, Tigers

2.18.14 Jindal budget relies on piecemeal, surplus dollars

2.15.14 Mardi Gras delays budget hearings, Jindal to speak at 2014 RLC in New Orleans: Capitol Digest

2.13.14 Another View: Push Louisiana pols away from the freebie buffet

2.12.14 Undersecretary leaves Department of Health of Hospitals

2.12.14 Spend away? Or tighter regulations? How should Louisiana politicians spend campaign donations?

2.11.14 St. Tammany DA Walter Reed paid nearly $86,000 in campaign money to son's companies

2.09.14 Lawmakers, other Louisiana politicians need to pay for their own tickets and other extras: Editorial

2.05.14 Lawmakers reviewing campaign spending rules have spent large sums on tickets, meals, more

2.04.14 Covington panel debates merits of Louisiana's foray into Common Core

1.31.14 Gov. Jindal again trying to remove east bank levee authority president

1.31.14 Lee Zurik Investigation: One word means a fortune in campaign spending reports

1.30.14 Louisiana politicians spent millions on meals, golf, tickets, other perks, review shows

1.24.14 Insight: Hospital Privatization Fodder for Legislative Session and Governor's Race

1.24.14 PAC seeks to override La. limit on donations

1.22.14 Well makes for deep divisions

1.20.14 Our Views: New doubts on a rush job

1.16.14 Legislature's economist is the rare, outspoken state employee

1.04.14 Inside Report: Handling campaign funds

2013 PAR In the Media 

12.30.13 Editorial: UHC continues its mission to serve as a safety net

12.23.13 Report: Hospital overhaul fraught with 'uncertainties'

12.23.13 Five years later, does Gov. Jindal’s ethics system work?

12.21.13 Hospital partnerships questioned

12.20.13 PAR: LSU hospital deals may face future shortfalls

12.20.13 Jindal's hospital overhaul is financially risky in the long term, report says

12.20.13 Report: LSU hospital deals may face financial woes

12.20.13 Inside Report: Handling campaign funds

12.15.13 Editorial: State campaign fund laws need overhaul

12.05.13 PAR: Campaign finances rules should be more clear

12.05.13 La. government watchdog group seeking more detail in how public officials use campaign funds

12.04.13 Restrict sports tickets and other "perks" from political campaign expenses, lawmakers are urged

11.29.13 Our Views: The lifestyles of the powerful

11.24.13 Louisiana should make violators pay ethics fines: Editorial

11.20.13 Lee Zurik Investigation: “Some people's voice counts more than others” in La. politics

11.20.13 Apparent campaign violations, large expenses should prompt reforms in Louisiana law, some say

11.16.13 Disparity in fee split raises questions about Tammany work-release program

11.13.13 Lee Zurik Investigation: Political war chests hold plenty of perks

11.13.13 From Saints tickets to pricey meals, some politicians using campaign cash for luxuries

11.12.13 Louisiana Ethics Board's focus on small offenses lets larger violations go unnoticed, observers say

11.5.13 Film Industry Tax Credits under Scrutiny in Louisiana

11.4.13 Louisiana's tax credits for the film industry reviewed

10.24.13 Our Views: A new step on standards

10.21.13 State's supply of drug for executing prisoners has expired, says attorney for death-row inmate

10.15.13 Questions and answers about Common Core State Standards

10.10.13 St. Tammany School Board approves anti-Common Core Resolution

10.7.13 Another View: Common Core is about raising standards

10.6.13 Stephanie Grace: Little common ground on Common Core

10.6.13 Groups back Common Core

10.3.13 Groups issue statement supporting Common Core

9.30.13 Clock running out on flood authority's days as a panel immune from political meddling

9.30.13 Proponent of oil, gas suit loses spot on levee board

9.25.13 Editorial: Reasons to pause for a little applause

9.24.13 Clock running out on flood authority's days as a panel immune from political meddling

9.16.13 'Big Oil' Suit Looms Over Louisiana Flood Board Nominatins

9.16.13 La. Department of Revenue: Gay couples must file separately

9.13.13 Jindal won't reappoint 2 levee officials who support lawsuit against oil companies

9.13.13 Levee board suit supporters are likely to lose seats

9.1.13 Facing Fire Over Challenge to Louisiana's Oil Industry

8.28.13 Jefferson hospital lease suitors to present in public; secretive conduct called into question

8.26.13 Editorial: MFP Task Force step in right direction for education reform

8.24.13 Political Horizons: Politics long part of tax assessments

8.23.13 Levee board appointments may let Jindal interfere with suit

8.19.13 State moves to fill 3 East Bank levee authority seats, including posts held by president, vice president

8.14.13 Beam: Duo holding NGOs accountable

8.9.13 Suit against oil companies to test law aimed at discouraging political meddling

7.30.13 Politics challenges historic lawsuit

7.19.13 Inside Report: After Jindal, a new vision for reforms?

4.15.13 Some Policy Analysts Say Ditch Tax Reform "Plan B"

3.17.13 Little data for Medicaid Opposition

3.12.13 PAR Pushes for More Study of Medicaid Expansion

3.13.13 PAR Asks Jindal for Medicaid Explanation

3.5.13 Tax Break Study Panel Releases Recommendations

2012 PAR In the Media 

11.13.12 PAR creates Louisiana tax code advisory group

10.10.12 November ballot: Understanding 9 Louisiana Constitutional Amendments WAFB Channel 9

9.30.12 PAR Releases 2012 Guide to the Constitutional Amendments Monroe News Star

9.28.12 PAR releases 2012 voters' guide to proposed constitutional amendments Baton Rouge Business Report

8.3.12 PAR Urges State to Set RulesThe Advocate

7.23.12 Panel looking at cost, benefit of tax breaks in Louisiana New Orleans City Business

7.23.12 Lawmakers eye tax breaks The Advocate

7.21.12 Louisiana tax exemptions need thorough review, Public Affairs Research Council says
The Times-Picayune

7.21.12 Legislative study panel to evaluate costs and benefits of Louisiana tax breaksThe Times-Picayune

7.19.12 PAR urges state to set rules The Advocate

7.17.12 PAR: Hold legislative hearings on voucher standardsThe Times-Picayune

7.17.12 Group urges more accountability for statewide voucher program The Times-Picayune

7.1.12 As private school vouchers expand in New Orleans, eyes turn toward state for accountability plan The Times-Picayune

6.18.12 Louisiana retirement funding in bottom 5 The News Star

6.18.12 Pew report says La. among top 5 states with lowest retirement funding percentages The News Star

6.15.12 Why have a constitution? Bossier Press Tribune

6.12.12 The Rush to 'Reform' The Gambit

6.11.12 A contentious session The Greater Baton Rouge Business Report

6.10.12 With vouchers, lawmakers should have asked sooner: Stephanie Grace The Times Picayune

6.08.12 Louisiana School Voucher Debacle Talk To Action

6.8.12 PAR assesses accountability issue of public education reform The Greater Baton Rouge Business Report

6.8.12 Louisiana: The State We're In (video) Louisiana Public Broadcasting

6.5.12 PAR head: Eliminating tax breaks tougher than it sounds The Greater Baton Rouge Business Report

5.31.12 Inside Report: Only one way to go from top of greasy pole The Advocate

5.30.12 Website explains public’s right to know The Daily Iberian

5.21.12 Our Views: One stop for sunshine The Advocate

5.17.12 Inspector general asks senators to keep his office The Daily Comet

5.15.12 Inspector General's office too valuable to eliminate The American Press

5.14.12 A money, politics link The Advocate

5.12.12 Local House members influence budget The Daily Comet

5.11.12 Retirement changes face legal hurdles The Advocate

5.9.12 Our Views: PAR gets big salute The Advocate

5.8.12 Plan to defund Louisiana inspector office incurs watchdog groups' howls The Times Picayune

4.26.12 Make Louisiana's ethics laws better The Daily Advertiser

4.18.12 State Ethics Board may get limited appeal rights Houma Courier

4.17.12 Watchdog agencies praise reform efforts Monroe News Star

4.7.12 Accountability main focus of proposed voucher bill New England Cable News

4.7.12 Improving Louisiana's ethics reforms The Times-Picayune

4.4.12 Ethics, campaign finance bills advance in legislature The Times-Picayune

3.30.12 ‘Reforms’ in need of reform Gambit

3.29.12 AP Analysis: Still a few bugs in ethics system The Daily Advertiser

3.28.12 Stronger campaign finance restrictions needed The News Star

3.28.12 PAR: Simplify La. ethics laws The Advocate

3.27.12 Watchdog group hopes to shine up Louisiana ethics laws The Times-Picayune

3.27.12 PAR: Ethics law too cumbersome The Advocate

3.23.12 Critics push Jindal on accountability The Advocate

3.22.12 Legislature debates Jindal's school-voucher plan Daily Comet

3.20.12 LA Spotlight:Cram sessions mar debate on La. education The Advocate

3.20.12 Louisiana vouchers bill should not treat kids differently: Jarvis DeBerry The Times Picayune

3.15.12 Local man urges more attendance of city School Board meetings The News Star

3.15.12 Bobby Jindal education bills whisk through Louisiana Senate panel The Times Picayune

3.14.12 First Votes Set On Voucher, Tenure Bills WDSU

3.14.12 Watchdogs call for amending Jindal's education plan FOX8

3.14.12 Watchdog groups call for tweaks to Jindal ed plan KATC

3.6.12 Local lawmakers latch onto familiar issues HoumaToday

3.6.12 Ethics Board nominees named The Advocate

2.19.12 Louisiana Legislature guides are being prepared The Times-Picayune

2.18.12 Bayou Cane records missing Daily Comet

2.18.12 Campaign spending eyed The Advocate

2.16.12 Who should redraw La. voting districts? Houma Courier

2.15.12 Tighten Louisiana ethics laws The Advertiser

2.13.12 PAR gives cautious thumbs-up to ethics tweek Independent Weekly

2.12.12 Jindal to put forth ethics law package The Advocate

2.4.12 Louisiana rolls out new Medicaid managed care program Fox News

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